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Bald Guyz Grooming Products

We have created the finest grooming products that have been created for the special needs of the bald man. Here are some questions that people have had that might be helpful to you.

What makes a bald head special and why does it need special grooming products? 
•The skin on the bald head is sensitive and needs special products to clean, moisturize and protect it. The pores secrete natural oils that attract pollutants and dust which can cause the head to be grimy. 
•The bald head perspires more than the rest of the body as we need to keep the brain cool. This causes regular sunscreens to sweat off the head and sting the eyes. The head loses protection and can get sunburned. 
•Normal grooming products are designed for people with hair and not for the special needs of the bald head.

What are Bald Guyz grooming products?

We have created a line of grooming products that have been formulated to clean, care and protect the sensitive skin of the bald head and face. We have combined gentle cleansers, Green Tea, Aloe Vera with Herbal Moisturizers. Vitamins and antioxidants to provide excellent results and a better looking head.

The line consists of: 
•Head Wipes that are individually packaged soft cloths to clean and freshen the head anytime, anyplace. 
•Daily Wash & Shampoo to gently wash the dirt and oils from the head and face and clean the hair (if any.) 
•Moisture Gel is great to use after you shave or after being in the sun to moisturize dry skin and sooth minor irritations. Our Moisture Gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no residue. 
•Sunscreen SPF 30+ is designed to stay on the skin and not sweat off to provide maximum protection to the head. We add skin moisturizers in the formula for additional protection. 
•Bald Guyz Shave Gel clear to allow you to see exactly where you are shaving. Our gel is very lubricated to limit irritation and fight razor bumps for a smooth and close shave. Less friction means more shaves from your blades! 
•Pre-Shave Scrub provides deep cleansing treatment to the skin while the conditioning formula helps prepare the hair for shaving as well as providing excellent moisture balance.

How can I clean my oily head during the day? 
•Bald Guyz Head Wipes are soft cloths that are individually packaged so you can use them anytime, anyplace you need to clean and freshen your head. We use moisturizing alcohol combined with Green Tea to quickly clean the dirt and oils. Our Head Wipe leaves your head feeling cool, clean and shine free. These are Fragrance Free and made from soft spun lace.

What do I do if my head is dry and flaking? 
•Soap, normal shampoo or body wash is can leave the skin dry and flaking. Using Bald Guyz products you can create a natural moisture balance which can prevent this and leaves your skin looking healthy.

My Sunscreen always sweats off and runs into my eyes and stings and my head always gets sunburned. How can I prevent this? 
•A bald head perspires more than a head with hair as you need to keep the brain cool. Regular sunscreens cannot stay on the head and run into your eyes. Bald Guyz Sunscreen SPF 30+ is a quick drying gel that is infused with moisturizers and is formulated to stay on the bald head for maximum protection from the harmful UVA & UVB rays of the sun.

 What can I do to get a close shave with less irritation? 
•We have created our Clear Shave Gel to be a low foaming highly lubricated gel that lets you see exactly where you need to shave. By adding moisturizers and vitamins that helps prevent irritation and razor bumps, you can get a very close shave. 
•After shaving you should use Bald Guyz Moisture Gel to soothe the skin and leave it feeling smooth and healthy.

When my head gets sunburned, it hurts, and I have tried all of the aloe products which leave my head sticky. What can I use? 
•Our Moisture Gel was created to quickly absorb into the skin and leaves no residue. Our special blend of Green Tea, skin soothers and moisturizers helps repair the damage caused from the sun.

Why do I need a Pre-Shave Scrub? 
•The skin of the man has large pores that can trap oils and dirt which can cause irritation and skin problems. Our Pre-Shave Scrub is an excellent product to remove the dirt and oils from deep within the pores while our fruit extracts and cleansers help remove the dead skin to allow the skin to be prepared for a close shave.

Can I use Bald Guyz products if I am not completely bald? 
•Bald Guyz products can be used by anybody with our without hair. They are great for the head, face or anyplace else you can think of. Whether you are bald by nature and have hair on the sides, or completely shave your head, our products are great for you. Even women love our Shave & Moisture Gels. 

Why is Comando Shave Gel different from other shave products?

◾Comando’s Aloe Shave Gel is a CLEAR shave gel that lets you see exactly where you are shaving. Our shave gel has a special blend of herbal moisturizers, vitamins and skin conditioners that leaves your skin smoother than ever before. This provides you with a better shave because it is more lubricated than other shave products on the market, allowing the razor to smoothly glide over the skin. There is less irritation of the skin, providing an amazingly close shave.

Will the Aloe Shave Gel dry out my legs?

◾No, it is very moisture rich because of the herbal moisturizers, fruit extracts, antioxidants and skin soothers we use. amazingly close lubricated shave.

What is the After Shave Moisturizer?

◾We created a women’s “After Shave” to sooth the skin after shaving, as well as to provide excellent moisturizing. We loaded our After Shave with herbal moisturizers, skin soothers, vitamins, fruit extracts & antioxidants to provide the maximum benefits for wherever you shave. Ingredients like chamomile and calendula calm the skin as it helps close the pores for that silky smooth feel.
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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